Since our homes have become more efficiently heated over the decades, fireplaces today are no longer there just for their main function. When you add or renovate a living-room fireplace, it becomes the very ambiance of the room, effortlessly adding comfort , beauty and tranquility to your lounging space. If you are looking to add a fireplace to your living-room, take a look at the upcoming trends to look forward to in 2023:

1- Think “blending”.

You heard that right. A harmonious and well-blended-in fireplace is trending  – think color matching the materials to the walls, or achieving a neat and tidy look by adding a minimal touch of definition. This infuses the space with a feeling of symbiosis, created as elements of a space work together for a homogenous effect. 

2- A double, or even triple sided view.

Sometimes all it takes to bring the whole room together is a living room fireplace fitted with glass on opposing sides (or even up to three or even four sides for a more dramatic effect). These centerpiece-worthy statement pieces can be set into dividing walls or decorative pillars, and show off the ambient effect of a fireplace that permeates the entire space.

3- Go big.

One of the latest trends in fireplaces is going for extra-large fireplaces. These imposing structures add a touch of gravitas to the space, and are at their most majestic when paired with wooden accents, stonework and heavy metals.

4- Beauty in simplicity.

Minimalist simplicity is a major design trend in 2023, so clean finish fireplaces are in and they’re here to stay. Neutral tones, natural materials and a deceptively simple finishing come together to form a calming, soothing element in the living room.

 5- Back to stone.

Stone fireplaces are making a comeback! These solid statement fireplaces are a surefire way to add texture and break the monotony of neutral-hued walls. Stone adds a wonderfully rustic touch to the fireplace and a contemporary, nature-inspired element to the living room as a whole. 

6- Go retro. 

Vintage is one of the biggest 2023 trends and it keeps getting trendier. The refined forms, the worn-out effect, the sheer elegance of the designs all make these fireplaces stand out.  A dark-colored fireplace surrounded by light neutral-colored walls gives that extra touch of nostalgic vintage drama.

Did these 2023 trends inspire you? Get in touch with us and let us bring your perfect fireplace into your living room.