Living rooms are the center of our home. From family gatherings to game nights, watching a movie, and everything in between, people are bound to spend a lot of time in this room. But when your living room is small, remodeling it can be challenging as homeowners fear getting the space jam-packed. This blog will discuss the general steps involved in a living room remodeling project and provide small living room ideas and recommendations.

The 10-step guide to remodeling a small living room

Keep in mind that not all living room remodel projects are the same. Some have more complexities than others. The following is a general guide on the steps to consider before executing your small living room remodel ideas.

1-Plan and budget: Take a look at your living room design and decide on the changes you want to make. Create a thorough plan for the renovations while keeping the budget and timeline in mind.

2-Measure and assess: Measure the space to establish the size and layout. Evaluate the current condition of the room to find any structural issues that need fixing.

3-Choose a design style: Set the tone for the room; is it going to follow a traditional, rustic, or modern design? Decide on the design style to have clearer choices for materials, décor, and colors.

4-Plan the layout: Settle for the layout that flatters your space the most. The ideal layout is one where the furniture, lighting, and other elements are placed in a way that balances out the living room and gives it warmth, sophistication, and character.

5-Select materials: When choosing the materials for the flooring, walls, and ceiling, consider durability, ease of maintenance, and how they will complement the overall design.

6-Make the changes: Hire house contractors for your living room remodeling projects. They will remove walls, add electrical outlets, and more.

7-Add finishes: Add the magical touches that make your room stand out; paint, tile, wallpaper, flooring, lighting, and other fixtures.

8-Add furniture and décor: Choose furniture and décor that fits the new design and layout.

9-Apply the final touch-ups: This involves touch-ups such as caulking or painting.

10-Final cleaning: Clean the room and remove any debris from the remodel.

Small living room ideas to take into consideration

Leave out the Sofa

leaving the sofa

Placing several sofas or a large sectional will only crowd your space and make it smaller. Design a homey seating area with two small living room chairs and position them toward the central point of the room, be it the fireplace, coffee table, or entertainment center. Doing so adds style to your room without shrinking it and connects the chairs with the rest of the space.

Get a big rug

big rug

When working on a small living room remodel, it’s best to avoid small rugs as they make the room look cramped and choppy. Getting big rugs anchors the room, fills the space, and gives it a larger feel.

Mirror, mirror

mirror on the wall

It’s a given that adding mirrors to any small space makes it seem bigger. Placing more mirrors is a cost-effective way to add light and dimension to your small living room remodel.

However, since you aim to make the room more spacious, don’t get mirrors with huge and ornate frames; they take up too much of the mirror and overwhelm the room. As an alternative, opt for small frames around your large mirrors and compliment them with an original light source like a sconce or a table lamp to enhance their reflective powers

Opt for a vertical

vertical furniture

For small living room ideas with a TV, it’s best to build a floating storage unit on the wall and place the TV and other decorative pieces or gadgets inside. Getting a vertical storage unit allows you to be creative and benefit from the limited space. To make the living room look bigger, decorate from top to bottom to pull people’s gaze upwards.

Let the light in

Avoid heavy window treatments when working on a small living room remodel because they keep natural light from coming in. Instead, opt for curtains that help illuminate the place and buy a uniquely designed sconce or light fixture. Adding a light fixture on the ceiling grabs people’s attention, makes a statement and brightens the space.

Buy rolling furniture

When your living room is tight, it’s more practical to own movable furniture. From purchasing a small end table or chairs that you can easily move around to getting an ottoman that has multi-use as a coffee table, seat, and storage, it’s best to own portable living room sets. It creates a flexible space that can easily be rearranged based on your needs so that you never feel suffocated or confined.

Sprinkle some color

Implementing lighter color palettes helps you make your small living room appear larger. One of the best small living room ideas is to paint your walls and ceilings with light and neutral tones and add a vibrant touch of color to your rug, couch, artwork, pillows, or accent wall; it creates the illusion of making the room look more spacious.


Final thoughts

An effective small living room remodel needs to maintain the warmth and charm of the room without creating a feeling of confinement. Adding mirrors, implementing unique light fixtures, or purchasing a large rug are some of the great ways to renovate your living room and make it feel more spacious. Contact Casa Utopia to get bespoke service with expert remodeling advice for your living room.