Home design trends 2023: what’s in, what’s out

With every new year comes fresh beginnings, a chance to reinvent oneself and keep growing. In 2023, home design trends keep shifting towards earthy materials, neutral color palettes, and customized touches that give your home character and style. In this blog, we’ll discuss the 2023 home décor trends that are a must-try and the ones that are no longer in. 

2023 Home trends

1- Luxurious living

When we say luxury living, we don’t mean fancy and expensive. It’s more of a mindset, an elevated approach to decorating your home and turning it into a safe haven. Having luxurious rooms isn’t about creating shiny, flashy, and glamorous interiors, but rather about upgrading your space to feel more lavish, sophisticated, and timeless. 

To achieve this welcoming and sumptuous look, you can add calm and serene accents, soft rugs, layered lighting, pillows, throws, and cushioned seating made of high-end materials. 

If you want an artistic approach you can opt for layered textures, rich colors, grid-patterned rugs, luxurious pillows, and warm wood tones. If you’re searching for a more modern look, you can add minimalist pieces, play with light neutral tones, and use elegant fabrics like linen, velvet, and silk. 

The luxury living 2023 home trends are not limited to one approach; they involve layered fabrics, rich textures, and natural elements to create your own balance between warmth and extravagance. 

2- Bold colors are making a comeback

Home design trends 2023 see a departure from neutral tones and a return to moody colors, especially in beddings and paint. This trend pairs well with the previous one and can be showcased through a sumptuous palette of soothing greens, warm earth tones, or timeless blues. 

One of the most creative 2023 home décor trends, this style lets you have fun with and create a vibe throughout the entire house. You can implement colorful accents in the living room, paint a wall in your home office or dining room with a bold color, or add aesthetically pleasing wallpaper in the bathroom; the choices are infinite. Moreover, feel free to experiment with mixing several patterns or layering your bedding with different colors. 

3- Mixed Metal Finishes

Mixing metals makes your home interior visually pleasing whether you’re looking for a modern, timeless, classic, or chic look. 2023 home trends embrace the mix and match between different metal finishes for fixtures, hardware, and surfaces such as curtain rods, hinges, light fixtures, doorknobs, and more. 

Blending metals in the kitchen and bathroom will elevate these spaces to look more modern and appealing; for instance, combining cool metals with warm metals in the kitchen creates a pleasant and alluring harmony. Furthermore, if your kitchen has plenty of stainless-steel appliances, you can blend in a little brass and/or black to create a beautiful mix. Just keep in mind to not mix more than three metals in one room.

2023 home décor trends that are no longer popular

1- Shades of Gray are out

Since 2023 is the year of bold colors, gray interiors and cool tones are slowly disappearing. Now it’s all about the pops of color, highlighted walls, and warm tones.

2- Floating shelves are to be avoided

For the past few years, there has been a rise in the use of floating shelves in the kitchen as it created openness and gave homeowners more storage room and creativity. Home design trends 2023 encourage the implementation of seamless longer shelving as they look better and decrease clutter. 

3- The fall of the modern-organic trend

The modern-organic trend, a combination of minimalism, mid-century modern décor, and bohemian design styles reached its peak in 2022. Since this trend has been in high demand for the home design market, it is more likely for people to start distancing themselves from it in 2023 so that their house interiors stand out.

4- Open Floor no more!

The post-pandemic popularity of working and learning from home has made open-floor plans problematic. Setting boundaries in your house is important, especially if you have a big multi-purpose space (working, studying, chilling, working out, etc.). 

2023 home trends will see an increase in closed-floor spaces, dividing the structure of the house into multiple areas. Putting limits on where to have your zoom meetings, do your homework, or watch a movie, helps create serenity in your space and makes you mindful of every task and activity you do.

For instance, if you’re currently living in an open-floor house where the living room, dining room, and kitchen are in one area, you can rearrange the furniture to create divisions and give each room its proper function. Moreover, you can hire house renovation services to create beautiful closed concepts so that you and your family can fully enjoy your privacy.

Final thoughts

No matter how you choose to decorate your house, what matters is that you feel that the changes made reflect your character and needs. Contact Casa Utopia and benefit from the latest 2023 home décor trends that will turn your house into an oasis.