Who said luxury bathrooms need a big budget? If you’re on a strict budget but feel like revamping your powder room, here are some ideas that might inspire you.

1- The Marble get around!

Marble adds value to the bathroom but can be costly. The hack to get a luxury marble bathroom is simple: use large marble-look porcelain tiles. These tiles are cost-effective and easy to install. You can go for light-colored tiles with polished finishes to keep your bathroom vivid and give it a wider feel.

2- Paint your bathroom ceiling

Painting your bathroom ceiling anything but white is all the rage right now. A colorful ceiling is the perfect cheap solution to give your small bathroom a sophisticated touch, especially if you paint it yourself. 

3- Experiment with an Ombre paint effect


Another simple, affordable, yet trendy paint idea is to introduce an accent wall with an Ombre effect. Choosing two to four shades of color and creating a unique aesthetic will surely take your bathroom to the next level. Bring the ocean to you with a soothing blue Ombre paint effect.

4- Add bathroom accessories

A luxury bathroom remodel can be obtained by getting new accessories for your lavatory. Buying new toothbrush holders, storage jars, and fancy soap dispensers at your local supermarkets will do the trick. Another cheap and quick way to renovate your bathroom is to add a mirror. It’s no secret that mirrors make a space look bigger and brighter. Give your bathroom a makeover by putting in a large mirror. Be careful to match it with the size of your room.

5- Decorate with tile stickers

Sprucing up your bathroom walls and floors with tile stickers is another out-of-box way to breathe new life into the space. Tile stickers are inexpensive and fun to use; keep in mind to buy water-resistant ones.

6- Create a gallery wall

Why restrict the use of gallery walls to just the bedroom and living room? Take it one step further and incorporate a gallery wall in your bathroom. This cheap workaround can cost you little to nothing if you repurpose old prints and display them. 

7- Change your bathroom fittings

If you’re looking for budget-friendly luxury master bathroom ideas, you can always renovate the space by getting new bathroom fittings. Instead of getting a luxury bathroom sink or luxury bathroom faucets, purchase new wall cabinets, showerheads, taps, or toilet seats. These bathroom fittings undergo lots of wear and tear, so it’s always a good idea to replace them.

8- Find an alternative to expensive flooring

If tiles are what you seek but lack the appropriate budget and DIY know-how, you can always opt for bathroom luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). These tiles hold an array of advantages: they are waterproof, easily purchased, simple to clean, and are a great substitute for high-end flooring selections. The price of bathroom luxury vinyl tiles starts at 2.75$ per square foot. 

9- Declutter the space in style

Another luxury bathroom remodel idea is to free up more storage by incorporating unique shelves to store bathroom essentials like floss, toothbrushes, soaps, etc. Wire shelving, macrame shelves, or woven wall shelves would look exquisite, especially when you add beautifully folded towels, candles, and house plants.

10- Brighten your bathroom with budget-friendly lights

A luxury bathroom on a budget entails adding more lights. Make your powder room look lavishing with high-end wall lights, modern lampshades, or a beautiful ceiling chandelier. Any luminescent statement piece will elevate your bathroom. Make sure to choose the right bulb sizes and color temperatures; cool lights are better suited for tasks that require care and attention, while warm lights promote a more peaceful ambiance. Remember, water and electricity are a dangerous health hazard when combined. Make sure to stay safe by checking Ingress Protection ratings and bathroom lighting zones. 


There are numerous ways to get a luxury bathroom on a budget. The most important thing is to work with the space you have and try to preserve your current plumbing layout as much as possible. Contact Casa Utopia and get a consultation to help you with any bathroom or house-related remodeling needs.